Who Knew...

Day 10: 5 Random Facts, 4 items on my bucket list, 3 hopes for the year, 2 things that have made me laugh or cry as an educator and 1 fact I wish more people knew about me

Today's blog assignment is a fun way to wrap up the day so here goes...

5 Random Facts About Me are:

  1. My first concert was Journey
  2. I have completed a few triathlons and look forward to doing more (when my son is older!)
  3. My original career goal was to be an astronaut
  4. Agatha Christie and Laura Ingalls Wilder were my favorite authors as a kid
  5. "The Trouble with Tribbles" is my favorite episode from the original Star Trek series
4 Bucket List Items are:
  1. Climb Machu Picchu
  2. Fly with the Blue Angels
  3. Visit Tikal
  4. Rent a Villa in Tuscany for a month
3 Hopes for the Year are:
  1. I want to clearly define the amazing program that we have at our school so that all of our constituents understand what we do and all of our current community members can talk about it to anyone who asks
  2. I want to see our Innovation Lab being used multiple times a day by a broad range of departments, infusing the learning with  excitement and real-world problem solving
  3. That my son has an awesome year in third grade
2 Things That have Made Me Laugh/Cry as an Educator are:
  1. A constant source of laughter is the friendships that I share with my colleagues.  Laughing at ourselves, our day or or a silly situation truly is a wonderful way to pass time.
  2. What has made me cry is when we have lost students or recent graduates.  Lives cut short is such a tragedy and hard to accept.

1 Fact That I wish More People Knew About Me is:
  1. I don't drink coffee.  (Honest!)  

So there you go, a truly random collection of facts about me.  Enjoy!


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