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A (Very) Little R & R

Photo Credit: Sam Garza, wikimedia commons The November blogging challenge from @techthought is a great opportunity to take a step back and think about what I am thankful for. Today's prompt, however, is a real challenge: What do you do to take time out for yourself? My husband gets on my case all the time about this, with good reason. I am always the last person that I take care of. However, over the last year I have tried to be more conscientious about taking some time for myself, because if I don't care for myself, I can't care for others. And educators have many "others" to care for! So to take time out for myself, I try to do one or more of the following: a nice cup of tea (chai is my favorite!) non-professional reading (historical novels and biographies along with the occasional romance for good measure) an afternoon at Starbucks with my iPad to combine the two above exercise watching my latest Netflix arrival (which usually sits for about

An Attitude of Gratitude

Well,  @teachthought is at it again.  Another blogging challenge, and keeping with the "theme" of November, it is all about gratitude.  This month has been pretty crazy for me so here I am on the evening of November 12, almost half-way through the month, and I am finally getting to enter a post.  Our prompt for Day 12 is: Share a photo--or photos--of things/people you are grateful for.  Well, how lucky am I to enter the challenge on picture day?!  I have to say, I have much to be grateful for (as we all do). The family... At the top of my list is my family: without their constant love and support there is no way that I could do the job that I do.  Not that I am "great", I have much to learn.  However, my husband makes sure that I have the time I need to spend at work and willingly steps in to care for our son--even when our son wants NOTHING to do with dad.  It is tough to be an Administrator.  Not having to worry about my family all the time is a gift.  I am