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A Pause for Reflection

San Francisco Bay from the water I was shocked to see that it has been almost two months since writing my last post.  Then I began to think about the last two months and realized that I shouldn't be so surprised. Having finished my first "official" year as an Administrator, the final stretch was by far the most challenging.  The reasons why aren't really that important.  We all have our rough patches and challenging moments.  What is important, however, is what the final few months of the year have taught me and that is what I want to reflect on... Starting any new job is always a bit of a crap shoot.  You hope that you have made the right choice.  You hope that your belief in your abilities is not misplaced, and in short, you hope that you are up for the challenge.  Most of us make a few lists: What I need to do, What I want to do, What I would really love to get to if there's time.   My "need to do" included things such as:  - revamp