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The Extraordinary Journey

I was given a gift this year in that the first three days of my Thanksgiving holiday were spent on the road with my sister.  I helped her to drive her two amazing dogs and what had been left by the movers from Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA.  Yup, three days of driving, 28 hours in the vehicle and only ourselves and Highway 10 for entertainment.  While this was not the way I would normally choose to spend a holiday, I am so very glad that I had the opportunity to do so. The route is a pretty desolate one.  There is not much in the way of interesting scenery (with a few exceptions in New Mexico).  And no matter how much you love spending time with someone, 28 hours of driving and the care of two large dogs is demanding.  However, this trip reminded me of a few important lessons that I am carrying with me as I move with our school community towards finals and towards the end of Advent. Cool rock formation in New Mexico Any time that you have to do something with people tha