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Embedding Some Google Goodness

For week 12 of the EduBlogs Challenge , we were asked to embed something into our post. I love the idea of embedding and it just seems to get easier and easier. (Follow the link to this week’s challenge to find tutorials on embedding if you have never done it before). We try to make sure that our teachers know how to embed material into the lesson pages housed on our LMS because when you embed, you make sure that the students stay right where you want them to--engaged with the lesson.  The alternative--hyperlinking--is great in some scenarios (I like to use this method when preparing agendas and meeting notes), but if you want to be sure your students don’t wander down the rabbit hole, aka, get lost on the web, embedding is much more effective.  For blogging and for websites embedding is also really useful because again, you keep the reader where you want them: looking at your material.  So for this week’s challenge, I am embedding a project that my son and I completed last su

Student Feedback Dilemmas

This post is part of the #EdublogsClub – a group of educators and edtech enthusiasts that blog around a common theme each week.  After a few weeks off, I wanted to jump back in but this week's topic-- student feedback-- has me struggling.  Feedback is so very important to all of us.  We all crave feedback because we want to know what resonated with people and where to improve.  Our students crave feedback because they need affirmation that they "did it right", whatever that means. And here is my struggle. I want our students to crave the learning process.  I want them to accept the challenge to always improve.  A "good job", or "wow! that's really interesting" is only part of the process. They should then continue from that point and be asking questions like: "What else can I do with this?" "Where can I go from here?" "What will my next step be?"  Instead, they are usually satisfied with the former and mov