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Never Stop Reaching for your Dreams

OCO-2 heading south. Courtesy of Jeff Sullivan At 0800 on June 30, 2014 I joined a group of fellow space enthusiasts (call them "geeks" if you must!) for an amazing 36-ish or so hours that I will never forget.  This is my story and I'm sticking to it... Calling All Space Tweeps... Let me start at the beginning.  Back in May there was a call out on NASA's Twitter stream for people interested in getting a Social Media Credential for the OCO-2 launch scheduled for 2:56:44 PST from Vandenberg Air Force Base .  Of course, I jumped on it.  What many of you probably don't know about me is that as a young girl, and until I met my first Calculus course in college, my dream was to work for NASA and become an astronaut.  Gene Roddenberry was my hero and Chekov was my secret heart-throb.  I loved Star Trek and watched every episode about a million times (according to my family).  But I digress.  Back to OCO-2.  I applied and was informed that I was placed on the