What's In a Desk

Day 8 of +TeachThought's 30 Day Blogging Challenge: "What's in your desk drawer and what can you infer from those contents?"

Today's question reminds me a bit of those commercials for Capital One credit cards--tagline: "What's in your wallet?"  Well, as I am sure most people will say, my desk drawers are pretty standard.  They are filled with the standard issue office supplies: pens, pencils, highlighters, post-its, paper clips, binder clips, staples.  There are pads of paper, thank you notes and envelopes, hand lotion, a tooth brush, some hanging files, extra business cards, mints.  Really nothing unusual.  What does this collection of items say about me and the job I do?  I am not quite sure as there is nothing that I would not expect to find in the desk drawers of any of my colleagues.  Certainly nothing here to change the perception of education in 2014 should my desk suddenly be removed from my office and placed in a time capsule.

Ah, but I do have one secret stashed away in one of the drawers.  It is new to the collection this year and I am willing to bet that not too many people have this item in their desk...yet.  I think that in a few years it will, however, become more common.  What is this mystery item?  A pair of Google Glass.  Yes, I have "crossed over" as some people have told me.  "You have what?!" others exclaim. The students are still in the ooh-ing and aah-ing stage.

I purchased Google Glass with one purpose in mind: telling our story from a new/different perspective.  As I strive to help keep our school on the cutting edge, Glass is one way I think we can do just that.  I can use them to capture stories that we can quickly share out with our parent community via the website.  Eventually I don't even have to be the one capturing the stories.  Other teachers and our students can capture the stories.  I just happen to provide a novel means to do so.

So what can I or some future archaeologist infer from the contents of my desk?  I believe my desk says that I am prepared (office supplies galore!), I am thorough (charging cords and pads of paper), I am thoughtful (thank you cards and mints), I am professional (name tag, business cards), and I am a risk taker (Google Glass).  Not a bad summation and one that I am proud of.

Quite frankly, part of me wishes that I didn't have a desk to rifle in the first place--now that would say something!  But the reality is that I do have a desk.  And the desk is pretty full.  However, what is in my desk is not really what concerns me.  I think the bigger question that I work to stay focused on is this: "What legacy will the occupant of said desk leave behind?"  Because the truth is, the desk was in the office before I arrived and it will remain long after I am gone.  It is up to me to do something good while I occupy the desk or it is nothing more than a nice-looking storage bin.


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