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Viewing Technology through the Lens of Mission

Image Some schools are more willing to embrace technology than others.  Quite frankly, this is beginning to puzzle me deeply.  I understand the concerns that many adults raise regarding their fears for student safety, the inability of many students to comport themselves appropriately in the on-line world, and the lack of a clear understanding of how to meaningfully integrate technology.  After all, it is the teaching  that is important, not the tools, right? As a Catholic educator, I understand all of this.  However, I would like to counter all of these reasonable concerns with the fact that as Catholic (you can actually insert any religious denomination here that is in the business of education) educators, we are in a unique position to do more than just simply bring technology into the classroom.  We have the amazing ability to teach morals.  We get to talk about God (yes, I said it) openly.  We have the chance to tea