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An Argument for Choice

Photo Credit I have been reading a book lent to me by a former student (I know, right? How cool is that?) that was written by a friend of hers.  (Also major cool factor!)  This is a book that with every chapter I am left thinking about something and questioning the "tried and true" practices of education. So we come to the genesis of this post. As I was reading   The Art of Self Directed Learning  by Blake Boles , my brain came to a screeching halt with chapter 4: Consensual Learning.  The underlying premise of this chapter is that school ≠  choice.  This was like a lightening flash for me.  As I began to really reflect on this thesis, I realized that it was true.  I also realized that it needs to change.  Here is why: In school, our job is to prepare our students for life.  Knowing how to make healthy, appropriate choices is a crucial skill to life-time success.  We can not effectively prepare students for life if all we do is tell them what to do and when to do it.