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An Attitude of Gratitude

August 15, 2014: The first day of the new school year.  As the days leading up to Friday whizzed by in a blur, filled with meetings, a retreat, problem solving and trouble shooting, I could not help but reflect on the idea of #G ratitude . The time leading up to Friday was filled with numerous challenges to overcome--every school has more problems than time or manpower to solve it seems.  However, the staff that I work with are miracle workers.  At every turn someone was already problem-solving for me, allowing me to stay on track.  They keep me informed which allows me to have answers when others ask.  They bring my zany ideas to life, making me "look good".  They remind me of my obligations so that nothing falls through the cracks.  As a second-year Administrator, I am nothing if I am not grateful to be surrounded by such professional and caring individuals.  (I also know that I owe a few bottles of wine to individuals who have worked and do work extremely hard for me!