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A New Renaissance

Image The Renaissance is perhaps the most popular example in the western world of creativity  And why not?  Just think of the art, architecture, and literature that we have inherited from that time.  We marvel today at the ingenuity and originality of the times.  And we sometimes long for just a smidgen of the talent represented by that era. I believe that technology is presenting us with an opportunity to reclaim some of that creativity and originality.  I believe we are living in a new renaissance.   However, because it is driven by technology I think many discount the potential. When Brunelleschi figured out how to complete the  duomo  atop Santa Maria in Florence in the 15th century, he was creating.  He saw a problem and took a risk.  The result?  A spectacular piece of architecture that is still marveled at today.  He had some tools at his disposal and with some design thinking, built a structure not seen since ancient times. The same is true for our st

Learn, Share, Repeat

photo credit: courtesy of Jonathan McIntosh This past week marked the start of the new semester for us and I was eager to begin work on my plans, projects, ideas, and in general get back to the business of school after a few weeks off.  I started, however, a few days early by attending EdCamp Home 2.0.  It was an awesome experience!  I finished the day completely pumped for the new semester.  I attribute my enthusiasm to the two sessions I attended.   My first session was a collaborative conversation in which we contributed to a Google Doc, shared best practices,and  threw out questions and challenges to crowd source solutions for.  It was a great opportunity to learn with other educators from a round the globe.  My second session was an unexpected opportunity to sit at the feet of the amazing @garnet_hilman to hear about #sbg.  It was such a fabulous session because we had THE guru in the room.  I was extremely grateful to her for being willing to share her knowledg