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I have been in education for over 20 years but this was not my first career.  I actually graduated with my BS in Business Administration and worked int he hospitality field for a number of years.   It didn't take too many years for me to realize that this was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my years earning a paycheck. So,  I began working as a Confirmation Catechist and Youth Minister while in Grad School pursuing my MA in History-and also tutored on the side.  While doing that "as a temporary gig", I discovered that I actually enjoyed working with teenagers (much to my mother's chagrin and disbelief). I took a job as a long-term sub at one of our local high schools, in Spanish of all things, pursued my teaching credential and have been enjoying my work ever since.

I spent the last 17 years at an all-girls Catholic High School teaching every history course we offer, with one exception: AP Government.  A few years ago I transitioned into Administration and am serving as the Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction (that's a mouthful!).  As a result, I am not in the classroom on a regular basis, but my old department knows that I am always ready to come in and facilitate a lesson to keep my hand in the mix.

I am a wife, mom, and avid SF Giants fan. I love to experiment in the kitchen, read, and learn and model new ways of using technology in the classroom.

I hope you enjoy my musings in this blog.  I welcome any and all comments--but please make your suggestions gently!  Remember our words to our students: constructive criticism.  You can find me on Social Media in the following places:
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